Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ooooh Wow!

I can't decide on which camera I want when I get the money to buy it. I've heard really great reviews about both of these cameras, especially the Cannon Rebel. So it will probably be a really hard decision to make. I've read about both cameras and also so photos on flickr taken with the Cannon. At first I was leading towards the Cannon but then I discovered that the Sony was about $100.00 less. The first camera shown is a Sony DSLR-A100 K(alpha) Digital Camera which has 10.2 mega pixels about $776.00 and the second camera shown is a Cannon Rebel XTi SLR Digital Camera with 10.1 about $900.00. Beautiful arent they. I can't wait to grasp one of these beauties. Im inlove with both of them already... I have learned about 35mm SLRs along time ago and always wanted one. Heck I still have the notes from one of my old photography classes when I had to borough someones SLR. As technology progresses. I learn more and more about digital photography. It's great! Now I want a digital SLR to capture the moments of my daughter.

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Anonymous said...

I got my Digital Rebel at Costco and its 779 there. Just to let you know. :)