Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mini Felt Flower Freebie

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Ooooh Wow!

I can't decide on which camera I want when I get the money to buy it. I've heard really great reviews about both of these cameras, especially the Cannon Rebel. So it will probably be a really hard decision to make. I've read about both cameras and also so photos on flickr taken with the Cannon. At first I was leading towards the Cannon but then I discovered that the Sony was about $100.00 less. The first camera shown is a Sony DSLR-A100 K(alpha) Digital Camera which has 10.2 mega pixels about $776.00 and the second camera shown is a Cannon Rebel XTi SLR Digital Camera with 10.1 about $900.00. Beautiful arent they. I can't wait to grasp one of these beauties. Im inlove with both of them already... I have learned about 35mm SLRs along time ago and always wanted one. Heck I still have the notes from one of my old photography classes when I had to borough someones SLR. As technology progresses. I learn more and more about digital photography. It's great! Now I want a digital SLR to capture the moments of my daughter.

I think I know why my hands are always sweaty.

Today I woke up with red swollen sweaty hands and sweaty feet. This happens a little too often. I cant control it of course. I think even one time in school I washed my hands about 6 times and was late for class at the beginning of the school year because I knew someone was going to eventually shake my hands. You know what happens when you don't shake someones hand. They get offended. I did a little googling and I found this... Hyperhidrosis, in simple terms, can be defined as overly active sweat glands stimulated by the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system. This is the part of the nervous system which is responsible for releasing perspiration throughout the body. This is the body's natural method of cooling itself down during active periods (such as exercise) or exposure to warm conditions. A person with hyperhidrosis experiences uncontrolled sweating and/or blushing. Those who suffer from this condition are faced with major challenges every day... Im a hundred percent sure thats what I have unless it is something worse. Lets hope not. My fingers are very swollen cherry red as we speak and my toes feel like I've been walking on needles in a pit of fire. That means I have it bad yea. I know. I like just throwing on chinese slippers to go to the mall but I can't where any type of flip flop really because I'll slip and fall. The physiological consequences are also dehydration wich may explain some other personal problems I've been having and my hands are often cold when its really hot outside. I've also had trouble writing notes in school because my hands were so sweaty.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why was it so hard for us to find a pink carseat!

Why was it so hard to find a pink carseat... GRRR well Im glad I didn't find one (if there is one somewhere out there) because if I didn't I wouldnt have made this one look better. It was drab and boring and had bears on it and everyone would call my daughter a boy because it was blue. It was very annoying so I just made everything in my way that screamed "boy" into something femanine looking. I wanted to keep a little blue in it so it wouldnt be so bright. Because you can't tell by this pic but the pink is alittle bit brighter and I didn't want it to seem too overwhelming to the eye. I think I did an ok job. It was fun while it lasted!

Another Letter wallhanging I made

The letter E. The second letter of my daughters name. Even though th colors do not match the letter Y for some reason they go together really good. I love the bow I got. I purchased it at the local Dollar Tree for 2 for a dollar. They had pink, yellow, blue and purple available at the time so i got 2 of each hopefully all of them will come in handy. I think I will make some kind of wallhanging with them also. If all else fails I will probably be giving them away to another crafter.

My Little Big Girl

The picture was actually taken after she came from the doctors she started acting very different. I soon then learned she can stand up by holding her crib bars so I had to keep the side of the crib up so she wouldn't get hurt or anything. She also loves holding her own hands lol I don't know why and she loves her daddy's glasses. She always tries to take them off. She actually doesn;t put things in her mouth really unless it is her bottle so we can keep her on the floor in her room. Sh definitely cant go on the floor in the living room it is so dirty because of our dog Diamond. She isn't trained yet. So you know what that means... Everywhere is her potty. Hopefully we will rent a really good floor cleaner soon and later on buy one because we absolutely need it incase of another accident lol. Well anyways back to talking about the page.

The idea of this layout was from Close To My Heart. The papers were made by me. I made everything accept those beautiful ribbon bows...


Ribbon Bows by Wendy Page

Ribbon bows lightened and altered to make brads

When you were a newborn...

Simply what it says. I didnt really want to put any journaling on it. Just a title. I made the layout from some papers that I made about 3 months ago or so. That is a picture of my daughter a month after she came from the hospital. In this picture you can't really tell because she isn't crying but she has a palsy in her face from the doctors misuse of forceps. Shes 7 months old now. They say that her facial palsy went away but I still can see it. And on top of that they sent me medical bills that I definitely am not paying. Which reminds me I have to call them this week and clear that up.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Little Sweetheart

For my first digital scrapbook submission I decided to post one of my simple pages first. I recolored my daughters dress from yellow to green because I thought it suited the color of the page more. I made the papers and the frames in a snap and used some brushes I had for about 3 years now and made them into photoshop brushes. I did this page just because shes my little sweetheart. I didn't put any journaling because I thought it would look better that way!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Just Got Some Bows Today

Today at Target I happen to pass a very small clearance section. Good thing we were looking for some body wash and couldn't find it because if we didn't pass the small clearance rack I wouldnt have took a glance at these small but beautiful bow barrettes. When I saw them I instantly fell inlove and right then and there I decided to buy them for my daughter. This was really good since I've been looking for bows for her hair for the past week so we can get professional portraits taken. Maybe soon!