Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Little Big Girl

The picture was actually taken after she came from the doctors she started acting very different. I soon then learned she can stand up by holding her crib bars so I had to keep the side of the crib up so she wouldn't get hurt or anything. She also loves holding her own hands lol I don't know why and she loves her daddy's glasses. She always tries to take them off. She actually doesn;t put things in her mouth really unless it is her bottle so we can keep her on the floor in her room. Sh definitely cant go on the floor in the living room it is so dirty because of our dog Diamond. She isn't trained yet. So you know what that means... Everywhere is her potty. Hopefully we will rent a really good floor cleaner soon and later on buy one because we absolutely need it incase of another accident lol. Well anyways back to talking about the page.

The idea of this layout was from Close To My Heart. The papers were made by me. I made everything accept those beautiful ribbon bows...


Ribbon Bows by Wendy Page http://www.hauntedpixels.net

Ribbon bows lightened and altered to make brads

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